After nearly four years of virtual silence, epic heavy metal band Terminus are ready to unleash their long-awaited second album, A Single Point of Light. The sheer quality of Terminus’s songwriting makes them stand out as one of the genre’s finest newcomers.

Following up a quality debut like The Reaper’s Spiral is certainly no easy task, but Terminus live up to the expectations. Everything you’ve come to expect from them is out in full force for A Single Point of Light: powerful guitar leads, immersive sci-fi themes, and unforgettable choruses.

In collaboration with our friends over at the NWOTHM Full YouTube channel, we are excited to present “To Ash, To Dust” – the hard hitting opening track to Terminus’s new album!

Check it out below:

“To Ash, To Dust” – The opening track to Terminus’s new album

Expected release: November, 2019 via Cruz Del Sur Music

Official links:
Cruz Del Sur Website


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Yurian Paiva · September 17, 2019 at 1:48 pm

This is amazing, the best thing i’ve heard this year!
I want to review this nowwww

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