Possessed Steel are a four-piece traditional heavy metal band hailing from Toronto, Canada. They’ve been toiling away in the underground since 2010 and two EPs and one band break-up later, they are finally poised to release their highly anticipated debut album Aedris on Temple of Mystery Records!

Aedris is a concept album that takes us across a prophetic journey, which unfolds into a succession of mystical songs taking place in an enchanted world. The goal is for our main character Aedris, the last of kin in a long ancient bloodline, to choose to heed a prophecy of ruin – or to ignore it – and each song is a chapter in his story. Musically, Aedris is epic heavy metal filled to the brim with interesting riffs, vocals, and acoustics. Possessed Steel aren’t afraid to put their own spin on it as they draw influence from multiple places.

The song we have for you here today, “Skeleton King,” is track #9 – Aedris and his quest as told on the album ends with this song. After a long journey up the Celestial Towers, Aedris reaches an ancient monolith; the entrance to the halls of the Skeleton King. He presses on with Spellblade’s light, illuminating the dark and twisted corridors until he encounters his foe. Much like any good story, “Skeleton King” gives us an epic ending with its seven full minutes of captivating riffs, vocals, and storytelling.

Pre-orders will be available starting today via Temple of Mystery Records. Aedris will be available in a “die hard” edition, black vinyl edition, a band-exclusive gold edition, and in CD format as well.

Official release date: November 30th on Temple of Mystery Records

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