The year’s closing to an end, but we have one last surprise for you all: a track premiere from Illinois based doom metal band Olórin. The Wretched is set to be officially released in early 2020, and we’re excited to highlight “Barazinbar” today. The sound here is firmly rooted in occult doom metal with strong stylistic similarities to Hour of Thirteen and just a hint of Candlemass.

If it wasn’t evident enough from the “one-ring” inspired artwork of their upcoming EP, these guys are a bunch of grade A Tolkien fanatics. Even the band name Olórin is a Tolkien reference – it’s an ancient moniker of everyone’s favorite wizard: Gandalf. “Barazinbar” itself is another name for Redhorn, the mighty mountain in Middle Earth that houses the mines of Moria. Lord of the Rings fans might recognize this as the place where the fellowship encountered a demon, the Balrog known as Durin’s Bane, and Gandalf says his iconic line of “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”. All of this is a teaser for their upcoming debut album which conceptually deals with Gandalf – watch out for this later next year via Hoove Child Records!

This is some nerdy heavy metal and quite frankly, the world needs a little more of that.

Expected release: February 14th, 2020 via Hoove Child Records

Official links:
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