Three years ago a German, rag-tag, power trio by the name of Old Mother Hell released their self-titled debut album seemingly out of nowhere. It caught the attention of the underground (and was one of the first albums we ever reviewed here at Ride into Glory!), and eventually led them to be signed to Cruz Del Sur.

Fast forward to now and Old Mother Hell are about to release their sophomore album, Lord of Demise. Their self-titled album brought us a crushing style of epic doom metal, but here Old Mother Hell change things up a bit. The pace is generally faster and veers more into heavy metal territory than before and the songwriting demonstrates a certain maturity and growth.

The special track we have for you here today, “Shadows Within”, demonstrates that exact growth and dynamism. It’s a short, up-tempo epic heavy metal track with catchy vocal lines and although it’s relatively simple in structure, “Shadows Within” shows a much different side of Old Mother Hell than the pure, crushing doom we saw on the debut.

Official release date: October 23rd on Cruz Del Sur Records, Digital release will be available earlier on October 9th

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