Cyprus-based traditional heavy metal band Mirror are just coming off the release of their sophomore album, Pyramid of Terror, which we ranked #4 in our Best Traditional Metal Releases of Spring 2019 article. With the sheer quality of both albums, these Cypriots are proving themselves to be one of the most capable modern bands in the genre. You can read our in-depth review of Pyramid of Terror here.


You’ve worked on the new album with the debut under your belt, how did that experience affect the writing process?

The Mirror debut album was a great experience for us, we had excellent reviews and good feedback so it would be wise to continue with an album as interesting as the first one.

In your first album, the 70s influences of Scorpions and Rainbow were more evident than Pyramid of Terror. Was that a conscious decision or something that just happened?

No it wasn’t a conscious decision at all! Although as a vocalist I grew up with Scorpions, Rainbow etc and had a significant influence by those the making of Mirror album just happened without copying the above styles

Apart from Tas and Jimmy, the lineup has changed since the release of your first album. Can you tell us more about what led to the changes and how the new members were recruited?

The decision to change the line-up was hard but it was critical due to technical mostly reasons! The drummer was based in the UK, one of the guitarists in the US and the other in Norway so any rehearsals or gigs would be an impossible task! The Cyprus local Metal scene although small has excellent and talented musicians, so are the ones that recruited beside the fact that are also good friends for years

Mirror at Power of the Night Fest XII, an annual festival held at their home nation of Cyprus

The new album will be released under Bad Omen Records known for the occult themed bands in the roster. How did the collaboration occur?

Tas knew the owner of Bad Omen Records, Will Palmer from his Electric Wizard days and also Will while he was working for Metal Blade, he helped in our first album! When he heard our work in the 2nd album he embraced us under Bad Omen!

Pyramid of Terror opens with the last melody heard in your debut. There are also some repeating themes like “Magik”. Is the new album a direct continuation of the first as in they are parts of one single concept? Were you planning to write the second album this way ever since the debut was released?

Pyramid of Terror is not a continuation of the Mirror album but we try to keep the same concept! Tas had already the tunes of our second in his mind as he was writing the first

Relative to other bands, Mirror uses a heavy amount of double harmonic scales which gives the songs a Middle Eastern feeling. Why do you think this isn’t used more broadly in metal What do you think this adds to the music?

Twin guitar melodies were used extensively in late 70s early 80s. Thin Lizzy, UFO etc. We belong to this style of music so it’s only natural to deliver to our music this eastern, mystic vibrant as we are also Greeks and surrounded by the Middle East culture.

In the amazing album cover we see what appears to be the Two-Armed Mahakala torturing a poor fellow. Who came up with the idea of the cover and how does it tie into the album’s concept?

The idea of the cover came from Tas and Filip Leu did the artwork! The monster symbolize the multi-million corporations that rule the world and suck the blood of the common people, to create a Pyramid of the New World order.

Pyramid of Terror’s artwork

Since all the members are being involved in other successful bands, do you see Mirror as a side project? How do you divide your time between Mirror and other bands?

Mirror is not a side project at all! It’s a proper band! Yes all the members are involved with their day jobs as we don’t earn enough for our living from music and also members of quite a few other bands! Gigs and rehearsals are planned accordingly.

What are the tour/ live plans for Mirror when Pyramid of Terror releases?

Any future tour or gigs will be announced in due time, although we are working on it at the moment! For now we have to see the feedback and reviews of our new album.

Each band member has a different musical background, how much do you allow your other band’s influence to affect with the Mirror sound?

Tas writes all music and lyrics but everyone adds his fragments here and there! Team work!

In recent years we’ve seen a turn to the classic heavy metal sound. Do you see Mirror as part of the ongoing NWOTHM scene?

Yes we do and we are going to do it as best as we can! We love Heavy Metal

How much do you follow new traditional metal releases? Do you have a favorite new band?

Wow. That’s a tough one… With so many great releases this year it’s really hard to have ONE favorite. We try to follow up the scene and this year is the most difficult to choose. We will just mention a few favorites Smoulder, Riot City, Blade Killer…. Can’t really choose J

Any last words to the Ride into Glory readers?

Many thanks to Ride into Glory for the interview and to all the readers, support and love the Metal scene , keep it Heavy brothers and sisters!!

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