I don’t have to tell you why 2020 was such an awful year for everyone. On the bright side of things…as far as traditional heavy metal goes, 2020 has given us some exceptional releases. Let’s look back at some of Ride into Glory’s favorite traditional heavy metal releases from the past year!

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The Top Trad Metal Albums of 2020

(15) Dexter Ward – III

Dexter Ward are a band that have no problem wearing their influences on their sleeves. Their latest album III is a very open love letter to classic US power metal and epic heavy metal. It’s nothing revolutionary, but like comfort food this is just solid and familiar heavy metal. When asked about the album, Dexter Ward’s guitarist Manolis Karazeris mentions “We’re not following any specific plan. We keep making the music we love and this specific style is something that always had a special place in our heart”.

(14) Old Mother Hell – Lords of Demise

Three years ago a German trio by the name of Old Mother Hell released their self-titled debut album seemingly out of nowhere. It caught the attention of the underground and eventually led them to be signed to Cruz Del Sur. Their self-titled album brought us a crushing style of epic doom metal, but Old Mother Hell change things up a bit with their sophomore album Lords of Demise. The pace is generally faster and veers more into heavy metal territory than before and the songwriting demonstrates a certain maturity and growth.

(13) Sölicitör – Spectral Devastation

Sölicitör made waves in the underground in 2019 by releasing a vicious 2 song demo initially described as “Chastain but faster”, which is a winning combo if I’ve ever heard one. Sölicitör followed up this demo with a 4 song EP in the same year, measurably developing and polishing their sound within the span of a year. Sölicitör have done well to follow up on this wealth of potential with their 2020 debut album Spectral Devastation. This debut delivers on the promise of Sölicitör’s earlier material by giving us uncompromising speed metal with a hint of that early US power metal edge.

(12) Chalice (FI) – Trembling Crown

Catchy, dark, melancholic, epic, and moody… Finland’s Chalice certainly gave us a complex and memorable debut album with Trembling Crown. There’s a lot to unpack here and with an average track length of over seven minutes it’s not the easiest listen in the world, but Trembling Crown is a must for fans of In Solitude.

(11) Purification – Perfect Doctrine

Purification are one of the more interesting doom metal bands to pop up in the last couple of years and to be quite honest, I’m not entirely sure what to make of them. One thing is clear to me though – these guys can fucking jam. Last year’s Destruction of the Wicked was a very interesting, but inconsistent debut. Purification have tightened things up this time around with Perfect Doctrine and the album is much smoother and features a greater use of melody than before.

(10) Acerus – The Tertiary Rites

Acerus have been around since 2012 and they’ve always flown a bit under the radar. The primary songwriter of Acerus is Daniel Corchado known for his work with Mexican death metal greats The Chasm and that’s exactly what Acerus sound like – The Chasm playing traditional heavy metal. Their sound is incredibly unique and there’s no other traditional metal band you can really draw a direct line to, but that’s a big part of Acerus’s charm. This year’s The Tertiary Rites is one of the band’s best efforts to date.

(9) Stygian Crown – Stygian Crown

California’s Stygian Crown are hands down one of the year’s best debuts. Most of the band’s line up has some form of extreme metal background and this is made clear in the band’s crunchy riffing doom metal riffing style that they have dubbed “Candlethrower” (Candlemass meets Bolt Thrower). However, the real highlight of Stygian Crown are Melissa Pinion’s tremendous pipes – her massive vocals put most to shame. If you’re a fan of the likes of Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, and Capilla Ardiente then Stygian Crown’s debut album is a must listen!

(8) Megaton Sword – Blood Hails Steel – Steel Hails Fire

Megaton Sword burst onto the scene seemingly out of nowhere in 2019 with the release of Niralet. This EP gave us a glimpse into a new, young band inspired by epic metal champions like Manowar and Manilla Road. Niralet was more than enough to know that this was a band to watch and just one year later Megaton Sword graced us with their debut album Blood Hails Steel – Steel Hails Fire. With this debut, they’ve firmly positioned themselves as one of the scene’s premier newcomers.

(7) Cirith Ungol – Forever Black

Cirith Ungol are one of heavy metal’s original underground legends. We barely heard anything from them since 1991’s Paradise Lost, but in 2015 these cult heroes reformed and started playing live again. In 2018, they dropped an absolute bomb of a single titled “Witches Game” which gave us all hope that a new album was in the realm of possibility. Fast forward to 2020 and our hopes for Cirith Ungol were realized with Forever Black. The album doesn’t quite live up to the monumental standards set by the band’s classics, but it’s still an incredible comeback by any metric. Forever Black is quintessentially Cirith Ungol right down to the Elric-themed Michael Whelan album art – there’s no other band in the world that sounds like them and it’s a very good thing that they’re still around!

(6) Briton Rites – Occulte Fantastique

It’s been 10 years since we’ve heard anything at all from Briton Rites and for pretty much all of those 10 years it was safe to assume that the band was done. Yet band mastermind Howie Bentley shocked us all by releasing Occulte Fantastique late in the year. Despite the 10 year gap, Briton Rites haven’t missed a beat as the riffs are just as great as ever. Occulte Fantastique is a perfect album for scratching that classic Black Sabbath or Witchfinder General itch.

(5) Possessed Steel – Aedris

Possessed Steel are a four-piece traditional heavy metal band hailing from Toronto, Canada. They’ve been toiling away in the underground since 2010 and two EPs and one band break-up later, their debut album is finally here. Aedris is a concept album that takes us across a prophetic journey, which unfolds into a succession of mystical songs taking place in an enchanted world. Musically, this debut is epic heavy metal filled to the brim with interesting riffs, vocals, and acoustics. Possessed Steel aren’t afraid to put their own spin on it as they draw influence from multiple places.

(4) Wytch Hazel – III: Pentecost

Wytch Hazel have established themselves in recent years as one of traditional metal’s most consistently excellent bands. It is not easy to follow up a release like II: Sojourn and yet Wytch Hazel did it with grace. III: Pentecost is a beautiful, triumphant, and warm album – a quality that is very fitting with the earnest Christian beliefs expressed in the lyrics. It is not coercing, it is inviting you on a journey that is well-worth experiencing, regardless of your religious convictions.

(3) The Wizar’d – Subterranean Exile

After seven long years since the excellent Ancient Tome of Arcane Knowledge, The Wizar’d is finally back with Subterranean Exile. It’s everything you’d expect from them – slow paced heavy metal wrapped up in a mystical and strange package ala Pagan Altar. This year’s effort is a little less doomy and a little more lead guitar driven. Admittedly, The Wizar’d are a bit of a love them or hate them kind of band and well given the praise that we’ve heaped on them, it’s safe to say that we’re very much in the first camp.

(2) White Magician – Dealers of Divinity

The Blue Oyster Cult inspired cover art does a good job of prepping you for what you’re in for; the album is very much an exploration of occult rock being approached from a heavy metal background. We first got a taste of White Magician’s brand of heavy metal back in 2016 with the release of The Pledge EP, and while that was solid enough, Dealers of Divinity is something else all together. It’s a masterwork in lead guitar and songwriting that deserves far more attention than it’s gotten so far.

(1) Eternal Champion – Ravening Iron

Without a doubt Eternal Champion’s Ravening Iron was the single most anticipated traditional metal release of the year – that’s only expected given how tremendous the reception was for Armor of Ire. It’s no easy feat following up one of the best epic heavy metal albums of modern times, but Eternal Champion have done it exceptionally well. Ravening Iron isn’t simply a rehash of Armor of Ire, instead the band explores different song structures and styles, leaning more into their thrash and doom metal influences resulting in a different, but harder hitting album. Eternal Champion are one of the best active bands in traditional metal right now and this is simply another testament why.

The Top Trad Metal EPs of 2020

Black Sword Thunder Attack – March of the Damned

Greece’s Black Sword Thunder Attack have been releasing demos since the early 2000s. Let that sink in for a bit. It’s been a Herculean journey to arrive at the March of the Damned EP, but it was well worth the wait. Channeling an atmospheric sound that can really only be described as “ancient” epic heavy metal, Black Sword Thunder Attack carry on the spirit of Warlord and Lordian Guard.

Meurtrières – Meurtrières

Hailing from Lyon, France, Meurtrières delivers a compact package of hard-rocking medieval themed heavy metal that checks every box there is to check. Given the band’s punk roots, it’s no surprise at all that their music is a tad unconventional and full of an energy reminiscent of Iron Maiden’s first two albums. A must listen EP!

Chevalier – Life and Death

With at least one release a year since 2016, Chevalier have yet to disappoint. They play a frantic, unfettered style of speed metal that is some unholy Finnish amalgamation of Brocas Helm, Omen, ADX, and Holy Terror. Every Chevalier release has brought something new and excellent from the band and their latest EP Life and Death is no exception to this.

Midnight Dice – Hypnotized

Satan’s Hallow made quite a mark in the underground with their blistering speed metal anthems, but sadly was put to rest after only one album. Chicago’s Midnight Dice are the spiritual successors to Satan’s Hallow and although their style is deliberately more mid-paced, they live up to the legacy quite well! Midnight Dice only seem to improve with each and every release as they find their footing and that trend continues with this year’s Hypnotized EP.

Night Cobra – In Praise of the Shadow

Texas newcomers Night Cobra aren’t here to reinvent the wheel, but they sure as hell can riff. In Praise of the Shadow is a perfectly compact 15 minute EP that showcases the band’s high-energy, punk influenced style, vaguely reminiscent of early Iron Maiden and Angel Witch. Despite the fact that the band is new to the scene, they’ve managed to absolutely nail their production and guitar tone – a feat that’s rare these days.

Smoulder – Dream Quest Ends

Smoulder made a splash in the metal scene last year with the release of their debut album Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring and ever since then, they’ve fully captured the attention of the underground. It’s no secret why either – Smoulder’s brand of epic heavy metal makes for an engaging listen when paired with their fantastic lyrics and aesthetic. This year’s Dream Quest Ends EP has the band experimenting a bit with differing song structures and features one of the best Manilla Road covers around with their passionate rendition of “Cage of Mirrors”.

Phaëthon – Sacrifice Doth Call

Phaëthon came out of nowhere as they released their first official offering, a 30+ minute EP titled Sacrifice Doth Call, late in November with little to no promotion and no prior history. The band claims that they were formed “with the distinct goal of delivering ripping old school heavy metal of the epic persuasion” and that’s exactly what you get with them. It’s rough-around-the-edges epic heavy metal, but there’s clearly some potential here as Phaëthon features Vrath, an accomplished musician known for his work with extreme metal outfits Scythian and Craven Idol, on guitars, vocals, and primary songwriting duties.

Transparency: How This List Was Decided

Most of Ride into Glory’s active authors and editors at the time participated in last year’s Best of 2019 article. Each of us rated albums/releases from the year and assigned them a numerical rating and then the releases with the highest averages deemed our best of the year. This was great in theory, but in reality it was very challenging. It forced authors to assign numbers to release they might have barely listened to and it put a huge pressure on some of them to catch up on albums that they might have missed.

I didn’t want to repeat that again and effectively force authors to catch up on albums, especially in such an awful year where we’re all going through shit. This year, the list was entirely decided by myself and therefore it reflects my personal taste more than previous years. However, I did open it up to discussion with the team and everyone had a chance to weigh in with what some of their favorites were and this helped form exact rankings, especially when it came down to the very top albums.


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lordxxx · January 4, 2021 at 5:53 pm

Good list and some good recommendations that I did not catch yet (like Old Mother Hell). I have to say that the Chalice album has great music but the vocals are really bringing it down, the singer sometimes sounds out of tune and also the inclusion of the female vocals in one track did not really help. Too bad, since I was looking forward to that album after the EP.

The biggest disappointment of this is year is definitely the new Traveler, which I see did not make your top 15 either. I really do not get what happened there…

    Marco · January 4, 2021 at 6:02 pm

    I think the standards for vocalists in traditional heavy metal are a lot lower than they were in say, the 1980s for example. You have some genuinely strong vocalists on this list like for Stygian Crown and Wytch Hazel, you also have some vocalists that aren’t conventionally excellent, but have a charm of their own and that’s where I’d put The Wizar’d, White Magician, and Eternal Champion. The vocals are definitely not the strong suit for bands like Chalice, Phaethon, and Megaton Sword, but I found the songwriting and riffs to compensate for that enough, at least for me that is

    Regarding Traveler – it pains me to see, but it’s a bit of a case of the brightest candles burning out the fastest. I hate to sound like a dumbass elitists, but man they really peaked with their first demo. When I interviewed Matt Ries back in 2018, he told me that they had over a dozen songs written before they released the debut. To my ears, it sounds like the latest album was kind of B sides of sorts. They also experimented with slower tempos which don’t suit JP’s vocals and I just don’t think Matt writes the slower songs very well compared to the fast ones. They’re a talented group of musicians with all the right tools and influences, so hopefully they go back to the drawing board, polish up their songs, and come back with something killer like the demo or debut.

mike.cate · January 4, 2021 at 7:43 pm

Lots of similarities between our lists. My top 4 is pretty interchangeable depending on what’s spinning. 4 absolutely monster albums from bands at the top of their games. I need to spend more time with Stygian Crown, Briton Rites, Purification (they apparently released another album a week or 2 ago – I can’t keep up), and Megaton Sword. And I admittedly didn’t know Acerus had a new one which means something will likely be getting bumped off my top 20. Anyways, keep up the good reads and be safe.

1. White Magician – Dealers of Divinity
2. Spellbook – Magick & Majesty
3. Eternal Champion – Ravening Iron
4. Pale Divine – Consequence of Time
5. Wytch Hazel – III: Pentecost
6. Hällas – Conundrum
7. Lowrider – Refractions
8. Cirith Ungol – Forever Black
9. Dark Quarterer – Pompei
10. Vestal Claret – s/t
11. Malokarpatan – Krupinské Ohne
12. Kryptograf – s/t
13. The Wizar’d – Subterranean Exile
14. Mountain Witch – Extinct Cults
15. Deftones – Ohms
16. Old Mother Hell – Lords of Demise
17. Possessed Steel – Aedris
18. Sölicitör – Spectral Devastation
19. Black Magick SS – Rainbow Dreams
20. Death the Leveller – II

1. Blazon Rite – Dulce – Bellum Inexpertis E.P.
2. Black Sword Thunder Attack – March of the Damned
3. Chevalier – Life and Death
4. Vvlva – 13. Winter
5. Meurtrières – Meurtrières

ParallelofDeath · January 6, 2021 at 2:05 am

My list looks pretty similar as well, but I feel like Freeways and Haunt deserve a mention. Both top 10 bands for me this year, though I suppose you could say that Freeways (like Haellas) are more of a 70s rock than a trad metal band. Very good regardless.

Lex · January 6, 2021 at 6:15 am

Check this out, you may want to actualize the list :’) also I miss Solitary Sabred and Greyhawk.

pol · January 8, 2021 at 4:06 pm

Good list. For me the best of the year was Pale Divine

bwat47 · January 12, 2021 at 3:34 pm

I just discovered these guys the other day, their new album is fantastic

Tobias · February 16, 2021 at 7:56 pm

I think Traveler need to be mentioned here with their sophmore album “Terminantion Shock”. Their style has matured greatly which led to stronger and more complex songwriting. It is a true grower that needs a couple of spins until the songs fully unfold. Overall the sound is still deeply rooted in (mid-.eighties) Maiden but this time with a hint towards US Metal.

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