New Releases

New Release Highlight: Lethal Steel – Running from the Dawn Review

Lethal Steel formed in 2011 and released their first and only demo one year later, creating an immediate buzz in underground circles with their raw and unfiltered sound of pure 80’s heavy metal. German label High Roller records swiftly signed the group and in 2016 their first full length effort Legions of the Night was released to the world. Lineup changes forced the band to take some time off and regroup as both guitarists decided to part ways, leading us to now, four years later, with the release of Running from the Dawn, a 4-track EP picking up right from where the band left off.


The Infidel: A Conversation with Ambush’s Oskar Jacobsson

Ambush stand out among their peers as one of Sweden’s new premiere traditional heavy metal bands. Due to personal struggles and line-up shuffles, it’s been five long years since we’ve properly heard from these Swedes. They’re now finally set to release another album! Infidel is set for a March 13th release via High Roller Records. It follows the same rough outline as the first two Judas Priest and Accept inspired albums, but Infidel features a bit more experimentation in terms of both music and themes. We interviewed Oskar Jacobsson, Ambush’s vocalist, about the journey to the new album and the themes behind it.


The Top 15 Traditional Metal Albums of 2019

It’s hard to believe that the year (and decade too!) is over in just one week. As far as traditional heavy metal goes, 2019 has been an exceptional year with one fantastic release after another from the get-go. Now it’s time to look back at some of the Ride into Glory author team’s favorite traditional heavy metal releases from the past year!

Into the Coven

Into the Coven: Diabolic Night – Beyond The Realm Review

Germany. The country where young people into heavy metal, beer, and Satan in 80s took heavy and thrash metal they listened into its logical extreme and laid foundation to what came after: speedy black/thrash metal attack. To this day the country is still a hotbed for similar hybrid sounds with plenty young bands still playing traditional speed or heavy metal touched by more extreme kinds of metal. Diabolic Night have been one of the most promising of these young bands with their pre-debut material and here they have their first full-length effort to build upon the demos.

New Releases

New Release Highlight: Capilla Ardiente – The Siege Review

Solitude Aeternus’s Beyond the Crimson Horizon is an inimitable masterpiece, a crown jewel of epic doom metal that represents the genre’s pinnacle. It will never be replicated, but The Siege is perhaps the closest a young band will get. I have a feeling when all is set and done, Capilla Ardiente’s sophomore album will be looked back on as one of the finest doom metal releases in the modern era.