Relisten: Wrathblade – God of the Deep Unleashed Review

I’ve found that people have a tendency to focus on hot, new releases before falling back into their regular rotation of classics. In doing so, it can be easy for us to forget powerful albums that aren’t new anymore, but aren’t quite established parts of our standard rotation. The entire point of this segment is to highlight these albums that are no longer top of mind and are more than deserving of a second glance. I can think of nothing more worthy than Wrathblade’s God of the Deep Unleashed.

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New Release Highlight: Sacral Rage – Beyond Celestial Echoes Review

Greece – the land of ancient history, deep natural beauty, delicious food, and most importantly – a heavy metal scene virtually untouched by mainstream trends. The Hellenic metal scene has always fascinated me because of its sheer intensity and passion despite not being an early hotbed for heavy metal. The Greek scene developed a bit later and has some of the biggest die-hards around with few bands following what’s popular in the scene. Even in an environment like this Sacral Rage stand out to me as a band who are very intent on doing their own damn thing. Illusions of Infinite Void brought on a barrage of top-notch, Helstar-influenced speed metal that very few bands are pursuing these days. These Greeks are back at it again with their second full length album, titled Beyond Celestial Echoes, out just last week on Cruz Del Sur Records. Read more…

New Releases

New Release Highlight: BattleroaR – Codex Epicus Review

It’s no secret that Greece has a penchant for the epic. How could they not? With a mythology filled with gods, titans, and heroes, the songs practically write themselves! The Greeks have always been fixated with big song structures, heavy fantasy lyrics, and massive vocals. The depth and quality of the Hellenic epic metal scene cannot be understated, especially once you factor in the relative size of the country. Read more…