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New Release Highlight: Devil Seed – Devil Seed Review

Not much is known about Hungary’s Devil Seed, even as of writing this article their self-titled debut album has not received much attention with no related or past projects to speak of. All we have to go off of is the band name presumably being a reference to the song off of Candlemass’s King of the Grey Islands. Lucky for us, as far as hints go, that’s a pretty good one. Marrying the synth-rich riffy atmosphere of Epicus Doomicus Metallicus with powerful, front-and-center vocals reminiscent of Solitude Aeturnus, Devil Seed’s self-titled debut album presents an unexpected and incredibly welcome slab of epic doom firmly rooted in the classics of the genre.

New Releases

New Release Highlight: Concilium — No Sanctuary Review

Over the past decade or so the geographic expanse comprising the northeastern US and the metropoles of Ontario and Quebec have seen the rise to prominence of a number of epic and occult heavy/doom metal acts. To name some of my favorites, Crypt Sermon, Cauchemar, Magic Circle, Blood Ceremony, and Smoulder have set the bar high. Five years after their genesis in Boston, Massachusetts, not far from ground zero of the Salem witch trials, Concilium make a robust entry into this regional scene with this debut EP titled No Sanctuary.

New Releases

New Release Highlight: Flame, Dear Flame – The Millennial Heartbeat Review

I used tell myself that visuals and aesthetics don’t really matter much when it comes to music, but I’ve found this to be less and less true over time. The way a band presents themselves and conveys their message plays an increasingly important role in how much I really enjoy their music. Songwriting and the quality of the music itself is number one of course, but aesthetics can really help with the immersion of music especially when it comes to fantasy laden genres like power or epic metal. It can lift a band up and take them to the next level. It’s for these very reasons that I had an averse initial reaction to Flame, Dear Flame, but luckily I was proven wrong.


Women in Traditional Metal: The Old School, the New School, and the Girlschool

It’s no secret that as a whole, heavy metal is a genre dominated by men. At the time of publication, it’s International Women’s Day – a day meant to highlight and celebrate women. What better way to celebrate than with quality heavy metal with women at the reins?

I want to take the time today to talk about some of our favorite bands – both new and old. Below you will find the earliest pioneers and trailblazers who helped carve the way, followed by 15 old school, classic bands, and we close by talking about 15 of our favorite, currently active new bands!

Lost in Time

Lost in Time: Santa – Reencarnación Review

It’s that wonderful time of year – there’s a fresh layer of pristine, white snow on the ground, the house is warm and cozy, mom’s baked some cookies, and your excitement is palpable. You can hardly contain it all. What could you have possibly gotten from the jolly old man this year? Could it be that toy truck that you see on every day time commercial? You just hope it’s not coal. You’ve been good this year! Hmm…maybe it’s a new football? No. It’s thirty eight minutes of pure speed metal. Merry Christmas! Read more…

New Releases

New Release Highlight: Sign of the Jackal – Breaking the Spell Review

Traditional Heavy Metal from Italy. The year is 1986 – heavy metal of all varieties is booming across the globe. There is a lot going on in the metal world and a number of historic releases are set to come out. Narrowing our scope a bit, Damien Thorne have just released their aggressive US power debut titled Sign of the Jackal and Warlock, the female-fronted traditional metal band from Germany, released their third record, True as Steel. For one modern Italian band, time has stood still and they are still living the glorious days of 1986. Read more…