Lost in Time

Lost in Time: Adramelch – Irae Melanox Review

In 1986 Fates Warning released Awaken the Guardian. This incredible album set a new foundation as well as a new boundary for the very new, exploding, and exciting progressive approach to metal. It was imaginative and provides to this day a great piece of musical escapism. The next year, near Milan, a few teenage friends would spend their time, as did countless other bands, covering songs by Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and Queensrÿche and generally honing their musical skills. At one point they had enough of covers.

New Releases

New Release Highlight: Ironflame – Blood Red Victory Review

Ironflame are back! They have not been away for long though, since Andrew D’Cagna (involved in a ton of projects and bands, past and present) is in non-stop mode, delivering the band’s 3rd album in less than 4 years since their debut. Moreover, he is responsible for everything (apart from the lead guitar parts) making this a hyper prolific, one-man, do-it-all modern power metal operation.

New Releases

New Release Highlight: Throne of Iron – Adventure One Review

The world of underground heavy metal was firmly shaken in the summer of 2018 when one of its most prominent figures, Mark “The Shark” Shelton, leader of Manilla Road and epic metal forefather, passed away suddenly. Tucker Thomasson (already a veteran of the Indiana metal scene with sludge/doom quartet Thorr-Axe and various other projects) was one of those people, basically deciding overnight to record a 3-song demo by himself and form a band in his memory (also covered M.R.’s “Crystal Logic” from their eponymous masterpiece) – and thus Throne of Iron was born.