Demo Dungeon

Demo Dungeon Special: Latin American Demos

As media, communications, and technology became more accessible, the Latin American region saw an ever-increasing rise in metal bands. For this Demo Dungeon special, we look at some demo-only bands from various countries. As these are demo recordings, sound production tends to be of low quality, but just like with the pioneering bands of the early and mid 80s, the rawness of these recordings are part of the charm. These bands, like their predecessors before them, had to fight tooth-and-nail to play a demonized style of music in dangerous and neglected parts of the world.

Lost in Time

Lost in Time: Acero Letal – Veloz Invencible/Duro Metal Review

While some may prefer English as a sung language (myself included), I also enjoy when bands sing in their native tongues if they feel more comfortable doing so. While there aren’t many noticeable acts choosing to do this, Acero Letal are one of the best Spanish speaking Heavy Metal acts of the past decade. Hailing from Chile and with only a demo and a single to their name, the band has nonetheless caught the attention of many through their unrelenting speed metal assault.

New Releases

New Release Highlight: Capilla Ardiente – The Siege Review

Solitude Aeternus’s Beyond the Crimson Horizon is an inimitable masterpiece, a crown jewel of epic doom metal that represents the genre’s pinnacle. It will never be replicated, but The Siege is perhaps the closest a young band will get. I have a feeling when all is set and done, Capilla Ardiente’s sophomore album will be looked back on as one of the finest doom metal releases in the modern era.