The Reign of Starbreaker: An Interview with Traveler’s Matt Ries

Hailing from Canada, Traveler have just debuted their self-titled album on Gates of Hell Records. They started as the solo project of Matt Ries (Hrom, Gatekrashör) and after a kick-ass, well-received demo last year, a full line-up was put together to record the album. Their 2018 demo was stuck on repeat for me and I haven’t been this excited by a debut in years! I connected with founding member Matt Ries to talk about the new album and what his journey has been like since forming the band.

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New Release Highlight: Traveler – Traveler Review

One of the best feelings as a music enthusiast is seeing a band you really enjoy finally make the leap from a demo to a debut album. Sometimes the result is as astounding as Eternal Champion and other times it’s not such a smooth transition. There have been many demos to capture my attention in recent years, but few have completely enthralled me like Traveler’s 2018 demo. Barely half a year later and they’ve already pulled together a full length debut set to drop on Gates of Hell Records. This begs the big question – does the debut live up to the hype of the demo? The short answer to that is YES. ABSOLUTELY YES.

New Releases

New Release Highlight: Gatekeeper – East of Sun Review

Gatekeeper, a project formed by guitarist Jeff Black, have existed in some form or another since 2009. After years of writing and pulling together a band, Jeff and co. burst out onto the scene in 2013 with their EP titled Prophecy and Judgment. Gatekeeper didn’t shy away from being very clear about their main influence – from the core sound to the imagery and lyrics, Prophecy and Judgment draws from German epic metal stalwarts Atlantean Kodex. Gatekeeper have finally graced us with their debut album, East of Sun, just a few months ago via Cruz Del Sur Records. Read more…

Lost in Time

Lost in Time: Tales of Medusa – Triumphant Serenade Review

Epic Heavy Metal from Canada. Much like the Gorgon of ancient Greek mythology, Tales of Medusa are a band with a shroud of mystery and legend behind them. When they were still active, this Canadian based epic heavy metal band operated like no one else. The band members went by pseudonyms, there was no promotion of the material by the band, they avoided record labels like the plague, and there was no conventional way to obtain their music. Read more…