The winds of a city howl and have called forth the entrance of a new entity: Fer de Lance. Formed by current members of Smoulder and Moros Nyx, a different brand of epic doom has appeared on the horizon. The first thought to come up from the music might be Bathory for most, but there is so much more to it than that. As an EP, Colossus brings to attention the impact of what just twenty two minutes can do as a listening experience. In one swoop they have covered territory of epic doom faster than a horde of Mongols bursting from the steppes. If anything, this EP does not demand your attention, but invades it.

Each song offers its own unique soundscape and feeling. The song “Fer de Lance” is the more aggressive out of the four with a faster tempo and subtle double bass, but is connected with the other songs with its acoustic parts and MP’s vocal style. It is bombastic without being too brazen about it. The harmonies are a major part of the melody and really emphasize the heavy dissonant riffs beneath it. “Colossus” is a bit different from the rest, yet at the same time it fits right. The drums keep a simple thumping beat, but accent the guitar rhythms, both the electric and acoustic. MP keeps his vocal style with this more subdued song – he wails, but remains in control. While somewhat gritty, MP’s voice shines out with the dissonant guitars and background choir vocals. Speaking of guitar, there is no lack of the traditional guitar solos. Collin showcases his prowess but without affecting the atmosphere of the song.

This EP is a very innovative take on the doom subgenre. It’s refreshing in a way to hear something that is not too polished and not trying to stuff over ten minutes of music in each song. The pastoral acoustic parts intertwine with the electric guitar so well that it becomes part of Fer de Lance’s integral sound. I look forward to how they develop this for a future debut full length. I highly recommend this EP for fans of Bathory, Dawnbringer, Scald, and early Doomsword.

Album rating: 89/100

Favorite track: Fer de Lance

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Metal nerd who dabbles into history too much and prefers the "epic" varieties of metal. Most likely sipping a strong beverage while listening.


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