If you’ve browsed Ride Into Glory before, then it’s no secret that I am a huge fan of US Power Metal. In fact, six years ago I wrote rudimentary versions of the USPM primers you can find here. One of the big reasons I started Ride Into Glory in the first place is because I wanted to revamp those guides and bring them to a bigger audience. In order to celebrate the first July 4th that RIG has been in existence, I joined my friends over at powerful.a power metal podcast to discuss US Power metal as a whole. 

The Podcast

We go through a range of topics on the podcast that you can find below:

  • What is USPM?
  • What are the different types of US PM?
    • Aggressive bands
    • Melodic or progressive bands
    • Bands that mix both sides of US Power Metal
  • Tangential bands
  • What are some USPM bands that typical fans of EUPM can easily get into?
  • What does the modern scene look like? Are there any recommendations?
  • If I had to choose top 5 releases to introduce someone to the genre what would they be?
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