Women in Traditional Metal: The Old School, the New School, and the Girlschool

It’s no secret that as a whole, heavy metal is a genre dominated by men. At the time of publication, it’s International Women’s Day – a day meant to highlight and celebrate women. What better way to celebrate than with quality heavy metal with women at the reins?

I want to take the time today to talk about some of our favorite bands – both new and old. Below you will find the earliest pioneers and trailblazers who helped carve the way, followed by 15 old school, classic bands, and we close by talking about 15 of our favorite, currently active new bands!


Up the Hammers: An Interview with Manolis Karazeris

Manolis Karazeris is one of the main driving forces in Greece’s metal scene. Not only has he been responsible for organizing Greece’s premiere traditional metal festival since 2006, Up the Hammers, but he has also been involved in some of the scene’s best bands. Manolis played guitars for a decade in epic heavy metal band Battleroar before transitioning to play guitars in Dexter Ward. He also played guitars for Finger of Scorn and Heathens from the North, Cirith Ungol and Heavy Load cover bands respectively, which played a role in helping reunite the old school legends.


In the Arena: A Tribute to Omen’s J.D. Kimball and His Legacy

Today marks fifteen years since John David (J.D.) Kimball passed away. I wanted to take the time today to remember him and highlight his legacy. Kimball is known for his work as Omen’s vocalist and lyricist during their classic era. Together with Jody Henry on bass guitar, Steve Wittig on drums, and founder Kenny Powell on lead/rhythm guitar, the classic Omen line-up put out three full length albums and EP of some of the best US power metal around. Kimball was one of the greatest vocalists in the genre and I wanted to honor his legacy by discussing early Omen’s sound and his contribution to the metal community. Read more…