We are excited to premiere a brand new epic heavy metal band – Serpent Rider!

Named after lyrics from Manilla Road’s “The Ram”, Serpent Rider take deep influence from the Road and infuse it with a heavy dose of doom, putting them in company with bands like Doomsword and Old Mother Hell. Serpent Rider are an international band, featuring members from both the USA and Greece. Musicians of the American metal underground have teamed up with Nick Varsamis, the vocalist and lyricist of the mighty Wrathblade, for this foray into the epic.

The band’s debut demo, a ten minute affair titled Pour Forth Surquidous, is set for a full digital release on June 21st with a physical release on tape via Metalstrom Recordings in the near future. The song we have for you today is the aptly titled “Portent of Doom”. With crisp guitarwork, impactful lyrics, powerful vocals, and not to mention a fantastic logo, Serpent Rider has the right foundation to do great things in the future. Keep your eye out for this one!

Line-Up and Credits:

Vocals – Nick Varsamis (Wrathblade, Litany)
Rhythm Guitar – Brandon Corsair (Draghkar, Azath)
Lead Guitar, Bass – Andrew Lee (Ripped to Shreds, Skullsmasher, Azath)
Drum – Phil Segitho (Desekryptor, Ecferus)

Both songs written by Brandon Corsair and Andrew Lee. Lyrics (found below) and vocal lines by Nick Varsamis. Artwork and logo by Karmazid.

Reamped, mixed, and mastered by Nick Papakostas (Convixion, Strikelight) at Entasis Studio.

Serpent Rider would not exist without Manilla Road. Rest in peace, Mark.


Portent of Doom

Inside the Mount’s trunk, aggrace’d source of life
Untapped, empyreal enigma
Delitable archway unseen by those who fobbed their sept

Peris and fays of holt, Sprites in nacreous robes
Hid the secret well my belamy
The sheltron that ne’er fails, ne’er fades nor ends

Pansophy, prudency, theopneust instruments
The God-given deodates to his dear-worthiest folk

His wit, his sentence and his lore
Pierceable into Nature page’s core
His offering made way
But servants know they went so low
And evil gropes, premeditates
Out of doubt, it shan’t move in nonchalance

Manly creatures
The means for the nonce
Mal-engine and machination
In evil’s name they shall arise anon
Transmewing guiler’s destination

Ossifrages with their wings wide open
Gyrfalcons and goshawks’ little token
Their flying from seas to mounts
Ongoing dolor reflected in their eyes
Compeers of conseil old, raised on skies
A long lament in languorous sounds

Manly beings and beasts
Insalubrious instruments

The curious confused, the peccables amazed
The pious inapt to prosper
Evil outbreaks gave ‘em cause to doubt

They’ve gone amiss

Portent of Doom” lyrics written by Nick Varsamis


Founding member and primary author and editor of Ride into Glory. Traditional heavy metal maniac intent to bring heavy metal to the world!


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