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Heavy. Power. Epic. Speed. Doom. Everything traditional metal. Reviews, genre guides and primers, new band discovery, and old school favorites. The goal of this site is to help people, both new and experienced in the scene, discover bands and sounds that they otherwise might not have heard.

Ride into Glory is a site ran by dedicated metalheads who have a deep love for the scene. We try to create content that we’d love to read ourselves – you won’t find any gossip, pandering, or low effort articles here. Our mission is to find the best traditional metal releases out there and highlight them accordingly. We understand everyone’s time is precious and as a result, we only write about quality releases that we are passionate about. Whether you discover a new band, get reminded of a release you forgot about, or you just want to enjoy reading something about music you love, we aim to make it so that you get something every single time you visit Ride into Glory.

The Editorial Team

Founder / Chief Editor
Founding member and primary author and editor of Ride into Glory. Runs the social media accounts. Traditional heavy metal maniac intent to bring heavy metal to the world!
Editor / Author

Heavily interested in both traditional heavy metal and extreme metal as well as the intersection between two worlds. Primary author for Into the Coven pieces.

Editor / Author

Traditional metal addict, storyteller, and food obsessed. Hailing from Greece, Rides into Glory. Works behind the scenes for Greece's Up the Hammers Festival.


Village idiot, lackey, metalhead. Not necessarily in that order.

The Main Authors


Just a dude who's been passionate about metal for a decade-plus and loves writing about it. That's about it, really.


Spaniard currently based in Colombia. Big fan of metal, travelling and understanding how culture impacts music.


Heavy metal enthusiast. Guitars for Draghkar, Grave Spirit, Azath, and Serpent Rider. Runs Nameless Grave Records.

French metal fan living in Germany. Specifically curious about interesting regional scenes and how culture and languages influence the music.
Lifelong lover of heavy metal. Particular affinity for the NWOBHM, French heavy metal and old school doom.


  • Guides/Primers – Guides and primers aimed to help introduce you to a band, genre, or scene.
  • New band highlights – Reviews of current year releases.
  • Lost in Time – Reviews of releases that are no longer generating buzz but deserve a second look. Perhaps it’s an obscure 80s album or maybe an album that was released early 2000s.
  • Relisten – A look back at recent albums that aren’t from the current year, but deserve another listen.
  • Demo Dungeon – Highlight an old demo for a band that didn’t quite make it. The focus here is primarily on demo only bands.
  • Classics appreciation – Reviews of favorites that mean a lot to us – it’s good to take a step back and just appreciate how good some of the classics really are!
  • Into the Coven – A segment where we highlight quality extreme metal bands who have a lot of crossover appeal with fans of the classic metal approach.

    Come join us and Ride Into Glory.

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